What happens during the screening?

We ask that you turn all your car lights off.  We will provide the radio frequency that you need to tune into and then you can sit back and enjoy the CineDrive experience.  We ask that you only leave your vehicle if you need to use the toilet facilities and these are also available for handwashing.

How will I receive my ticket?

We are working with ticketing partner See Tickets who will provide you with a booking confirmation and QR code ticket. Please either print this out and bring it with you or download onto a mobile phone for scanning upon entry.

What will my view be like?

CineDrive offers an unparalleled Drive-In experience via a gigantic 100 square metre LED screen, taller than a double-decker bus. The capacity and the layout of the event has been carefully calculated to ensure the best viewing experience for all vehicles. When you book, you’ll be asked to pick if you have a standard or a large car (SUV, People Carrier etc) just so we can direct cars out as they arrive to ensure the best view for all. Please note that no commercial vehicles (trucks, buses etc) will be allowed in the venue.

Will the screen be visible even if it’s sunny?

Yes, the CineDrive LED screen offers a clear picture day and night rain or shine.

How do we hear the sound from the film?

Sound will come straight through your car radio. We will provide information on how to tune in before the film starts.

What if my car radio doesn’t work?

If your car doesn’t have FM stations or you want to shut off your vehicle completely, you can bring your own portable radio and tune into the designated frequency displayed on the screen. It is not possible to listen to the sound of the film via any app or your phone.

Will there be subtitles or audio descriptions?

We don’t have any audio described or subtitled screenings scheduled for the time being. Please sign up to our newsletter for news on future screenings.

Will there be someone on hand to help with technical difficulties?

Our CineDrive marshalls will be able to verbally talk you through the tuning in process, should you need help. Please just turn on your hazard lights if you would like to attract their attention before the start of the screening. For the benefit of the local residents please do not beep your horn to attract the attention of staff.

Can I reverse into the space and sit in or on the boot?

No, we ask that all cars are front facing and you must remain in your car during the film.


Do you allow children to attend?

Many of our scheduled screenings are family events and we encourage children to these screenings. Please ensure that the age of children is appropriate based on the classification of the film and that you do not exceed the legal amount of people in a car. Valid photographic ID will be required for any customers we believe to be under the age certification of the film.

How early do I need to arrive?

The gates will open one hour before the screening starts. Please ensure you have arrived at least 15 minutes before the scheduled film start time.  Please note: if you arrive after the scheduled start time, you will be parked at the back or side of a row to minimise disruption.


How many people can I have in the car?

Please do not overload vehicles and ensure the number of passengers are within the legal limit allowed for the vehicle. If you are sitting at the back of the car, please bear in mind that your view may be slightly restricted.

Can I sit outside of my car?

Based on current government regulations you must remain in your car during the film. CineDrive will publish up-to-date information if these regulations change in the future.

Can I reserve a space upfront?

If you wish to be situated in one of the first three rows then you can purchase one of our CineDrive Premium Row tickets.

Can I leave the car engine running to prevent my battery draining or so I can keep heating on?

Due to Health & Safety regulations we do ask that car engines are turned off during the screening. If you are concerned about being cold please pack a jacket or blanket.

What if I am unable to turn my car lights off?

We ask that you turn your car engine off in order to facilitate this.

What do I do if my car battery dies?

If you do find yourself with a flat battery, don’t worry. As soon as the other cars have left our staff will assist to get you running again.

Can I open my car window or sunroof?

We ask you to close all windows on entry, but as all cars are parked two metres apart, you can open your windows or sunroof once you are parked.

Are there any height restrictions on cars?

Large vehicles such as SUVs and people carriers are allowed, but may be positioned towards the back or at sides to give all customers the best possible view. When you book you’ll be asked if you have a standard car or a larger car such as an SUV or people carrier.

How far away will the neighbouring car be?

All cars will be spaced in line with government social distancing regulations. Cars will be directed to designated bays and cars will be at least two metres apart.

Will I be able to park next to my friend?

We will not be able to park you next to any other specific vehicle.


Will I be able to buy food at the event?

Yes, to view the menu and to order food please download the NOQ app from

Apple Store


Google App Store

Can I bring my own food and drink?

Feel free to bring your own snacks and non-alcoholic drinks. We ask you to take your litter with you, and please note that our venue restricts the bringing of glass on site.

Will there be alcohol available?

No, alcohol will not be available to buy on site.

Is smoking allowed?

Smoking is not allowed anywhere on site, whether in your car or outside. This includes e-cigarettes.


What happens if it rains?

The event will go ahead rain or shine. In the unlikely event that a screening needs to be cancelled due to adverse weather we will do our best to reschedule to another day. If a screening cannot be rescheduled then a refund will be available via our ticketing partner See Tickets.

What happens to my ticket if the government enforces another lockdown?

CineDrive will continue to monitor government guidance and if any changes are made that will impact the event, we will inform customers via email or our social media pages.

If a screening needs to be cancelled due to government restrictions then a full refund will be available via our ticketing partner See Tickets. Please note the booking and transaction fee will not be refunded.


Will there be toilet facilities?

Yes, there will be toilet facilities on site. Please adhere to the one-way system in place within the toilet blocks and in case of queuing please ensure you respect a two metre distance from the person in front of you.


Will I be able to buy tickets on the day?

Yes, tickets will remain on sale until the site opens for each film screening. Please note: tickets are not available to buy upon arrival at the venue and must be purchased in advance via See Tickets.

What happens if I decide to attend with a different car to the one I booked in with?

If you are set to attend with a different car please register this change of vehicle and number plate with See Tickets at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled screening. You can find details of how to do this at the bottom of your booking confirmation. Alternatively please log on to Order Tracker on See Tickets via this link  https://cinedrive.seetickets.com/customerservice, and follow the instructions to locate your booking and make the necessary amendments to your booking.


Do I need to wear a face mask?

A face mask is not essential based on current government guidelines.

Will the staff members be wearing PPE?

Yes, any staff member interacting with attendees will be wearing the appropriate PPE throughout the duration of the event.

What extra precautions are you taking due to Covid-19?

We are . . . 

  • Working with Health & Safety advisors to ensure that all government guidelines are adhered to, to the best of our ability.
  • Cars will be spaced apart to allow at least 2 metre distance, in case you are required to exit your vehicle.
  • Toilet blocks will all be cleaned and sanitised regularly,  have access to hot running water and antibacterial gel and will operate a one way system.
  • We will have sufficient space for walkways throughout the drive-in site so if you need to visit the toilet facilities, you will not be in close contact with anyone else.
  • We are using QR code readers that can be scanned through car windows to check tickets to minimise contact.
  • Food and drinks will be ordered via an app and delivered to cars to ensure minimal queuing and contact at the event. Any staff member interacting with attendees will be wearing appropriate PPE.

In return we ask you to help us by: 

  • Not coming to the screening if you have any Covid-19 symptoms.
  • Please do not leave your car unless you need to use the toilet facilities.
  • Adhere to the two metres social distancing guidelines at all times.

If you have any other questions or queries please contact us on info@cinedrive.co.uk